Shortline Protection Plans


Having a factory warranty is great...until it runs out. At Shortline Mitsubishi we offer a variety of Protection Plans that will ensure you peace of mind once the factory warranty has expired. A Shortline Mitsubishi Protection Plan will protect you from unexpected and sometimes costly repairs. There are a variety of levels of protection coverage offered by Shortline Mitsubishi to protect your vehicle.

Key Shortline Protection Plan Features-
  • A Vehicle Protection Plan will repair, replace or reimburse you for parts and labor to repair or replace any covered parts listed in you Agreement.
  • Your Agreement will be accepted by repair facilities nationwide.
  • If you need a rental vehicle during a mechanical failure due to a covered repair, you can obtain rental coverage with no deductible.
  • In some cases you may need a tow to a participating repair facility, and in this case your Agreement will provide towing reimbursement when in conjunction with the repair of a covered item.
  • When you sell your vehicle, the remaining Agreement coverage can be transferred to the new owner, allowing you the possibility of a higher resale price.


Powertrain Protection Level

Engine - Internally Lubricated parts contained within the engine, including pistons, piston rings and pins, connecting rods/bearings, crankshaft/main bearings, camshaft/bearings, timing chain & gears, rocker arms - shafts & bushings, valves, push rods, oil pump, water pump and more!
TURBO CHARGER - Internally lubricated parts contained within housing, plus housing.
TRANSMISSION - Internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case, and the torque converter, modulator, transmission mounts, oil pan and transmission case.
TRANSFER CASE - Internally lubricated parts contained within the transfer case and the transfer case.
DRIVE AXLE - (Front & Rear) Internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle, plus; locking hubs, drive-shafts, universal joints, axle bearings, oil pan, and drive axle case.
SEALS and GASKETS - Stand alone seals and gaskets are covered for all components listed in Powertrain.
RENTAL CAR - During the time when your vehicle is being repaired at a licensed repair facility for the failure of a covered part, you may qualify for rental car reimbursement of up to $35 per day, with a 5-day maximum, not to exceed $175 per occurrence.

Standard Protection Level

AIR CONDITIONER - Compressor, compressor clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporate, idler pulley and idler pulley bearings. The following parts are also covered if required: Accumulator/receiver dryer, orifice tube, oil and refrigerant, expansion valve, POA valve, and hi-low pressure cut off switch.
FRONT SUSPENSION - Upper and lower control arms - shafts - bushings, upper and lower ball joints, king pins and bushings, stabilizer shaft linkage and bushings, spindle and spindle supports.
STEERING - Internally lubricated parts contained within the steering gear box, power cylinder, rack and pinion gear, and power steering pump, plus: Pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod ends and drag link, upper and lower steering column shafts and couplings, and steering box.
BRAKES - Master cylinder, power brake cylinder, vacuum assist booster, disc brake calipers, wheel cylinders, compensating valve, metal hydraulic lines & fitings.
ELECTRICAL - Alternator, foltage regulator, starter motor, starter solenoid and starter drive, wiper motor, wiper motor relay and switches, manually operated switches and wiring harnesses.
SEALS and GASKETS - Stand alone seals and gaskets are covered for all components listed in Powertrain.

High-Tech Protection Level

ADDITIONAL ELECTRICAL - Power window motors/regulators, power seat motor, convertible top motor, power sunroof motor, power door lock actuator, power antenna motor, digital/analog instrument cluster, mileage computer, electronic combination entry system, computerized timing control units, electronic cruise control module.
ABS BRAKES - Hydraulic control unit, electronic control processor, wheel-speed sensors/exciters, hydraulic pump/motor assembly.
FRONT and REAR SUSPENSION - MacPherson struts, shackle and eye shafts and bushings, torsion bars and bushings, wheel bearings and seals, automatic leveling unit compressor, sensor and limiting valve.
COOLING - Radiator, fan and fan clutch, thermostat, engine cooling fan motor, and heater core.
FUEL SYSTEM - Electronic fuel injection sensors, control units, electronic fuel delivery pump and injectors, vacuum pump, throttle position sensors, oxygen sensor, and metal fuel delivery lines.
AIR CONDITIONER - Expansion valve, dryer tank, accumulator, POA valve, hi-low pressure cut-off switch, ducts and outlet hoses, auto. temperature control programmer.
INTERIOR/EXTERIOR - Glove box door and hinge, manually operated seat tracks, interior and exterior door handles, door hinges, map/courtesy light assembly, hood, rear hatch, and trunk gas shocks.
SEALS and GASKETS  - Stand alone seals and gaskets are covered for all components listed in High-Tech.

Comprehensive Protection Level

With this plan, IF IT BREAKS...IT'S COVERED,
unless it's listed in the exclusions.
- On-board computers, sensors & relays.
- CD & DVD player.
- Radio assembly, speaker system & antenna.
- Anti-theft system.
- Navigational system.
- Sunroof seals, frame & actuating mechanism
- Convertible top frame & latches.
- Heated windshield.
- Steering wheel & integrated components.
- MacPherson struts
- Adjustable shock support.
- Rear suspension control arms & bushings.
- Torsion bars, coil springs & leaf springs.
- Tire pressure sensors
- Manual & power retracting seat belt assemblies
- All rear wheel steering system