Who is the "Freestyle Test Drive" guy in the Mitsubishi commercials?

If you’ve tuned into a football game, news program, sitcom, or any other television program over the past few weeks, you’ve probably come across one of Mitsubishi’s new Freestyle Test Drive commercials.

If you haven’t seen them, each spot features a Mitsubishi dealership rep taking prospective buyers on a test drive in the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. After a little time behind the wheel, the Mitsubishi rep begins freestyle rapping about the new crossover, the driver, and their surroundings. Take a look for yourself in extended version of the ad below:

First, let us say that we love this ad!

It’s fun, showcases the features of the Eclipse Cross (dual-pane panoramic sunroof, Super All-Wheel Control, three driving modes, 18-inch wheels, etc.), and showcases a very talented man named Harry Mack.

Who is Harry Mack?

The man in the Mitsubishi “Freestyle Test Drive” ad is Harry Mack, a freestyle rapper who has built a reputation for clever, off-the-cuff lyrics that could rival anyone. While Mack hasn’t had massive commercial success to this point, he has appeared on the Ellen Show, been praised by Kendrick Lamar, and has become an internet sensation. With the new Mitsubishi Freestyle Test Drive ads, he’s only becoming a better known commodity.

If you want to see or hear more from Mack, you can head to his YouTube channel.

About the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

While Mack may be the star of the ads, we have to admit he has some pretty good inspiration. The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is new to the Mitsubishi lineup, brining all the toughness and adventurous character of a Mitsubishi SUV to a more compact package to deliver better fuel economy, tighter handling, and easy drivability.

Packed with the latest features, many of which Mack points out in his freestyle, the Eclipse Cross starts at just $23,295.

Drivers in the Denver, CO area can test drive the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at Shortline Mitsubishi, however we can’t promise your test drive will be quite as entertaining as the ones you’ve recently seen on TV.

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