Everything you need to know about MITSUBISHI CONNECT

Think about how much technology you interact with on a daily basis. Your phone, laptop, smart TV, programmable coffee maker, and so many other gadgets are part of your daily routine in an effort to make your life easier (although it might not always feel that way). While cars become more technologically advanced each and every year, Mitsubishi recently debuted a new technology suite for its vehicle owners that will provide peace-of-mind and added convenience on the go.

"In an increasingly more connected world, we needed to make a shift to ensure Mitsubishi vehicles continue to deliver what our customers want and need," said Don Swearingen, executive vice president and chief operating officer, MMNA. "We're making that shift, and MITSUBISHI CONNECT will offer connected services by applying the information network to provide a truly personalized and enriched driving experience."


MITSUBISHI CONNECT is a technology suite that includes a variety of features for Mitsubishi vehicle owners. The subscription-based service includes things like GPS and a 4G LTE cellular modem. The goal is to provide a richer and more convenient experience for drivers and passengers while also enhancing vehicle safety.

MITSUBISHI CONNECT provides two distinct packages -- safeguard and remote services -- that can can be accessed via a mobile app, the Mitsubishi vehicle owners’ portal online, or from inside your Mitsubishi vehicle.


The MITSUBISHI CONNECT tech suite serves many functions. First, as part of the Safeguard services package, it includes things like Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance and much more. Essentially, it keeps you constantly connected so you have a lifeline in many emergency situations.

The Remote Services Package is more convenience-focused, with things like remote climate control, remote door lock and unlock, remote lights, and several parental controls, among other features.

How much does MITSUBISHI CONNECT cost?

Fortunately, MITSUBISHI CONNECT is a complimentary service for two years for new Mitsubishi owners. After that two-year trial period, it is a $99 per year.

Learn more about MITSUBISHI CONNECT safety from one of our vehicle specialists, and take advantage of the two-year complimentary service to get to know the system.

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